[Tool] Complete conversion of standard XML to and from INCEpTION

This CORLI tool allows to keep your entire XML structure as annotations once in INCEpTION. With it, you may also split your corpus into different documents and different sentences for use in INCEpTION.

XML tags as annotations

Other features

We provide other features, which include:

  • Parsing your corpus with Stanza and retrieving its annotations (lemmas, POS, named entities, morphological features, dependencies) in INCEpTION’s default layers.
  • Converting your corpus to other formats, for compatibility with Glozz or TXM (including with Stanza’s annotations).
  • Checking for overlaps between tags.
  • Reconverting an INCEpTION export to its original XML structure.

The tool is available here (EN/FR).

For more information or to contact us, here is the GitHub repository.

Stanza-parsed corpus once in INCEpTION (not all layers are displayed in the screenshot)

Download example project