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A semantic annotation platform offering intelligent assistance and knowledge management

The annotation of specific semantic phenomena often require compiling task-specific corpora and creating or extending task-specific knowledge bases. Presently, researchers require a broad range of skills and tools to address such semantic annotation tasks.

In the recently funded INCEpTION project, UKP Lab at TU Darmstadt aims towards building an annotation platform that incorporates all the related tasks into a joint web-based platform.

How to cite

If you use INCEpTION in scientific work or want to learn more about it, please have a look at

Klie, J.-C., Bugert, M., Boullosa, B., Eckart de Castilho, R. and Gurevych, I. (2018): The INCEpTION Platform: Machine-Assisted and Knowledge-Oriented Interactive Annotation. In Proceedings of System Demonstrations of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2018), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (pdf) (bib) (flyer)

For publications on more specific aspects of the platform, have a look at our complete publications list.


INCEpTION is provided as open source under the Apache License v2.0.