INCEpTION - Examples


Code examples highlight for example how to perform data conversions for importing data to or exporting data from INCEpTION. They could also show what you could do with your data after exporting it, e.g. how to generate reports or how to feed it into third-party tools.

Example projects provide you with ready-made projects that you can import into the platform to experiment with the different functionalities of INCEpTION.

Choose an example project in the left sidebar to view it in detail.

Download the selected example. Then import the ZIP files in INCEpTION on the Projects Overview page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that your browser is not configured to automatically extract ZIP files and do not extract the ZIP files. They need to be imported into as-is. E.g. if you are using Safari on OS X, please go to the menu Safari -> Preferences and on the General tab, disable the Open “safe” files after downloading option before downloading any of the example projects.