INCEpTION - Andreas Gryphius

Andreas Gryphius

The interactional language of Andreas Gryphius

“Interaktionale Sprache bei Andreas Gryphius – datenbankbasiertes Arbeiten zum Dramenwerk aus linguistisch-literaturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive”

“The interactional language of Andreas Gryphius – database-based reasearch on the dramas from linguistic-literary studies perspective”

Source: This example was kindly contributed by Marcel Fladrich, Linguistik des Deutschen / Medienlinguistik, Universität Hamburg, Germany

The project aims to examine the language of the early modern German author Andreas Gryphius’ pieces on drama by analyzing it from a linguistic and literary studies perspective as well by annotating phenomena of interactional language from both disciplines. Therefore all of the dramas by Gryphius (Leo Armenius, Catharina von Georgien, Cardenio und Celinde, Sterbender Papinianus, Carolus Stuardus, Herr Peter Squentz, Horribilicribrifax, Majuma, Piastus, Verlibtes Gespenst/Gelibte Dornrose) have been transcripted from the DKV-Edition by Eberhard Mannack and imported to INCEpTION and will now be systematically annotated.

The linguistic criteria of interactional language are for example:

  • speech particles
  • deictical expressions
  • ellipses

While from the perspective of literary studies the project works on:

  • metrical analysis (e.g. meter and deviation, rhyme, enjambement, stichomythia)
  • dramatic analysis (e.g. stage direction, speaker change)
  • rhetoric and stilistics(e.g. anaphora, parallelism)

Apart from the specific annotations of the two disciplines there are “Orthographic correction”, “Lemmatisation” and “Part of Speech” as well as some other formal annotations (e.g. the characters of the plays. The pagination of both the original print and the DKV-Edition). The analysis of the annotation will be done using ANNIS.